Contributing to the Documentation

If for some reason you are compelled to write better documentation we accept your contributions.

The simplest way to contribute is to create a pull request on the documentation source GitHub repo

Or if you discover a documentation error/typo or other iusse, and can’t be bothered to fix it, the please open an issue at the same repo so we might get around to fixing it.

Want to contribute but have no idea what to write?

While Infosoft is most likely better equipped to write general documentation on what the systems does and how to use it, we lack the clarity that not knowing a lot of system details gives.

So if you are looking for something to contribute, please consider writing how-to’s or turotial style guidances that solves a specific use case.

Examples could be something like:

  • How to synchronize Customer data with Microsoft Dynamics

  • Getting started with external payments

If you want to know if we are interested in a specific topic or area before you start, then open an issue, and we will reply ASAP.