Support and General Inqueries

Priority questions and issues should be directed at the regular INFO-Subscription support channel as described on If you are a third party, i.e. not the one with an account/tenant for INFO-Subscription, then you should contact your client and have them facilitate communications.

Reporting Bugs

It should come as no suprise that INFO-Subscription is not without bugs.

This section contains a few pointers on how to submit bug reports and what we would like you to include in said reports.

Bugs can be reported via GitHub if you have a purely technical issue, such as an undocumented response, an invalid response for an action or whatever. We do not guarantee any response time or SLA on the GitHub issues, but we will try and address issues as best we can when we have the time.

For priority bugs please submit them through the regular support channel as well (perhaps just with a reference to the GitHub issue) and the normal SLA applies.

Information in Bug Reports

Please include the following in your bug report

  • The Tenant Id/Name

  • The Client Id used to generate the request

  • A description of the actual behaviour and the expected behaviour

  • The raw HTTP request and response that caused the bug

Feedback, Comments and Suggestions

If you want to provide suggestions and general feedback regarding the API, please reach out to us using the GitHub repo.

If you want to request a new feature in the service, the github repo is not really the channel for it.