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This is the home of the developer documentation for INFO-Subscription. If you came here looking for the user documentation you are in the wrong place.

If you have no idea what INFO-Subscription is, then head over to the product website and have a look.

Integration Options

INFO-Subscription is backed by an API that all tenants can make use of.

If you just want the gory details for the API you can browse the Swagger UI or get the OpenAPI/Swagger definition file.

Alternatively, head over to the Getting Started with the API section for a more gentle API introduction, or look at our list of common scenarios.

Some tenants prefer to use our managed subscriber experience which includes

  • A self-service portal/web site where subscribers can manage their subscriptions.

  • An ordering and user registration site/process where new subscribers can order subscriptions and register a new user.

  • An Identity Provider (IdP) solution that contains user credentials and some authorization information for letting users consume their purchased content.

For integrating with the managed subcriber experience header over to our introduction to the managed experience .

Contact Information and Support

Please refer to the section on Support and Reporting Bugs for details on how to contact Infosoft.