Event: com.info-subscription.SubscriptionCreated

All operations that results in a new subscription period will trigger a SubscriptionCreated event.

The typical sources of a new Subscription are

  • Orders

  • Subscription Renewal

Other operations may create new subscriptions such as Plan Changes, Pauses and Infosoft initiated migrations (this is not a complete list).


The SubscriptionCreated event should not be confused with the OrderProcessed event. Subscriptions are created on a recurring basis until a subscription is cancelled, while orders are only created at the beginning of a subscription.

Example Use Case

The SubscriptionCreated event may be used to keep external systems up to date instead of doing bulk synchronizations, such as updating:

  • External Entitlement/Authorizaitons

  • Delivery Management

  • Service Desks

  • Cash Registers

It may be used to distribute out a monthly newsletter (if the subscription is monthly), or it may be used to notify subscribers that they have a subscription (for infrequent subscriptions).

Event: com.info-subscription.SubscriptionDeactivated

When a subscription has been cancelled, and the cancellation time has been reached/passed, a SubscriptionDeactivated event will be fired. For sources of subscription cancellations, please refer to the SubscriptionCancelled event below.

Example Use Case

Some ideas on how to use the deactivation event.

  • Revoking authorizations

  • Starting data cleanup operations, like removing from mailing lists

Event: com.info-subscription.SubscriptionCancelled

Operations that result in subscriptions being cancelled will lead to a SubscriptionCancelled event being fired.

Typical source of Subscription cancellations are

  • User initiated cancellations (Merchant or Self-Service).

  • Orders with an Automatic Cancellation marker.

  • Subscription Pauses (which are implemented as Cancel followed by Create).

  • Forced cancellations due to lack of payments (Payment Stop).

The SubscriptionCancelled event is fired at the registration time, NOT at the time of the cancellation taking effect.

Example Use Case

Similar to SubscriptionCreated, the SubscriptionCancelled event may be used to keep external system in sync.

  • Automated ‘Sorry to see you go’ emails.

  • Automated offers to save the customer.

  • Automated transfer to external debt collection (Payment Stops).