What is INFO-Subscription

INFO-Subscription is a service that provides subscription billing and management, in simple terms it creates invoices, manages payments and maintains subscriptions based on these invoices and payments. Most importantly it automates these business processes and attempts to simplify/encode business decisions into these processes, freeing personel to do other things than handling late payments, amount discrepancies and routine dunning in general.

What is it not?

Depending on your point of view it might be easier to understand what it is by describing what it isn’t


INFO-Subscription contains a small ammount personal data, that will allow you to manage simple information about a subscriber. It is not a fully fledged CRM system, neither is it going to attempt to fulfil that role.

However, it is possible to integrate with third party CRMs to synchronize data in a reactive manner, so everyone can bring their own CRM.

Delivery, Distribution and Packaging

Many subscriptions requires some sort of physical distribution of products. While INFO-Subscription is somewhat capable of producing information to distribution and packaging systems, it is not capable of generating package slips, driver routes etc.


No, unfortunately it is not powered by magic just yet, but we have contacted Dr Strange in an attempt to get a Powered By Magic integration.

What INFO-Subscription does

So that was a list of things INFO-Subscription does not do, now then what does it actually do. While not a complete feature list it gives you an overview of what you can expect. For feature information refer to the product website

Subscription Management and Billing

INFO-Subscription provides capabilities to:

  • Create new subscriptions.

  • Handle cancelations and upgrades/downgrades subscriptions (both planned and immediate adjustments).

  • Customize billing cycles to suit various business needs.

  • Automatic proration for upgrades/downgrades.

  • Automated handling of late payment and amount discrepancies.

All of this is done by codifying business requirements/decisions into configuration and setup of various rules.

In this case billing is the process of figuring out when and which subscribers should receive an invoice, and produce said invoices based on the details of the purchased plan/product. Additionally billing refers to handling of payments and making sure that subscriptions are cancelled on missing payments etc.

Automatic Payments

Part of the billing engine also manages automatic payments with cards, direct debit and similar, making sure that most subscribers pay the right amount at the right time.

Automated Dunning

Sometimes subscribers neglects to pay their invoices, in these cases INFO-Subscription makes it possible to automate dunning procedure to generate reminders, and adding handling fees etc.