Event: com.info-subscription.InvoiceIssued

Whenever a new Invoice is issued/finalized an InvoiceIsued event is triggered.

The event is typically triggered during automatic billing routines. It contains a few default properties such as the DueDate and the Number that it has been assigned.

Other operations that may trigger Invoices to be generated are

  • Merchant initiated credits with associated corrections (generates a new invoice).

  • Removal of future cancellations (re-instates previously creditted invoices).

  • Manual issuance of invoices (rarely)

Example Use Case

The InvoiceIssued event may be used to keep external system in sync, typically finance or ERP systems.

The use cases for the event are varied and it can also be used for other things such as:

  • Generating an advance notice about an upcoming Invoice.

  • Used as a source for distribution/inventory management to pickup new parcels for delivery (with the Invoice).

  • External distribution of Invoices, for instance via specialized vendors with support for multiple communication formats.

  • As a source document for factoring integrations.

Event: com.info-subscription.ReminderIssued

Reminders are triggered at scheduled interval relative to the original InvoiceIssued event.

They are only triggered if reminders are configured, an no payments exist.

Example Use Case

The ReminderIssued event is typically used in much the same way as InvoiceIssued, such as:

  • Generating SMS message about a lack of payment.

  • As a source for debt collection integrations.

Event: com.info-subscription.CreditNoteIssued

All operations that result in a new credit note will result in a CreditNoteIssued event being triggered.

The event points to the original invoice as well as a few key pointers about the new credit note.

Typical source of the event are:

  • Subscription cancellations (future Invoices are automatically credited).

  • Merchant initiated credits.